0.1 cannabis.

Cannabis is one of the earliest domesticated plants, and one of the faster growing biomasses known. Cannabis can be grown and harvested small scale without pesticides or other chemicals. Cannabis performs well as a rotation crop, as it replenishes topsoil.

Besides high yield of excellent fibre, the fruits (seeds) are high in protein and essential fatty acids, and can be eaten raw or processed. Oil pressed from the fruit oxidises to form a hard substance, similarly to linseed oil.

Cannabis can replace petroleum in most applications. (Very specialised fibre and drug variations are less versatile than more balanced variations.)

Note: Cannabis grown for ‘industrial use’ is often called hemp, but in this project ‘hemp’ is the term for the fibre material, and ‘cannabis’ the term for the species.

Note: As of 2011, all variations of cannabis are still illegal to grow in Norway.